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Investing In Real Estate Has Never Been Easier. Using Real Estate On The
Blockchain We Are Able To Digitize Property Ownership.

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A RealShare Of Equity

RealShare aims to modernize real estate investing, generating a viable and secure means to facilitate limited partnerships and financing agreements. Using blockchain and smart contract technology RealShare will produce a secure, transparent and convenient ownership ledger allowing investors in foreign and domestic markets to manage their equity while reducing the time and cost of administrative tasks on both sides of the transaction.

How It Works

current system

During real estate transactions and especially in a limited partnership agreement, there are multiple intermediaries that are involved. Each transaction has an abundant amount of paperwork that needs to be compiled and signed. Fraud during these transactions occurs on a regular basis due to confusing and malicious agreements. A combination of long waiting period, need for accredited investors and legal/financial barriers make owning investment properties nearly impossible, and when possible the process is tedious. This inefficient system significantly hinders liquidity, lowers security, removes transparency and can be quite costly, ultimately reducing the value while increasing the barriers to entry.

RealShare Solution

RealShare aims to combat roadblocks that have long hindered the real estate financing industry. The RealShare system uses blockchain technology, smart contracts, distributed ledgers, data analytics, and online documentation that will create a new standard for the way real estate partnerships are managed and transactions are processed. RealShare will transform the means in which real estate investments are managed.  The platform allows for real estate transactions to be recorded, ultimately creating a digital representation of real estate on a Blockchain, making a programmable solution that will be adopted as an official ledger of record.

Bringing simplicity and security to alternative investment financing agreements


  • February 2017

    Established Project Vision

  • February 2018

    Development of Minimum Viable Product

  • March 2018

    Beta Testing

  • June 2018

    Begin Licensing Platform to Public

  • September 2018

    Scale Operations to Enterprise Level

Our Team

  • Dustin Rennie
    Dustin Rennie Co-Founder

    Dustin is a graduate of Bissett School Of Business, with majors in International Business & Marketing. Dustin has been working in digital marketing while working with web/online and mobile development, establishing and growing a number of start-ups.

  • Gabriel Millard Co-Founder

    Since graduating from the John Molson School of Business with a degree in finance and economics, Gabriel has been involved working with startups of all sizes. He has held a wide variety of positions with clients in top private companies such as SpaceX, Uber, and Harry’s.

  • Randy Fennessey
    Randy Fennessey President | Partner Colliers International - Advisor
  • Alex Wylie
    Alex Wylie CEO - ACT Medical Centres - Advisor
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