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The RealShare Advantage

  • Transparent ownership of property and channels of investment
  • Investor liquidity in a previously illiquid asset
  • Remove capital restrictions associated with real estate investing and limited partnerships
  • Secure & encrypted ledger for ownership and transactions
  • Wider market with opportunity for foreign investment
  • Maintain privacy of ownership instead of costly alternatives
  • Instantaneous and automated transactions and ownership
  • Traceable audit trail of entire history of partnership

Private Distributed Ledger

Using a private chain allows each block to be verified quickly and efficiently without a large amount of computing power. The ledger is distributed only to trusted partners and blocks are confirmed by a few selected nodes. This methodology is suited well for applications requiring simplicity, speed, and greater transparency. This also ensures speed and accuracy as the RealShare ledger grows in scale. Also, the ownership ledger of each property will only be available to those that are apart of the RealShare community providing greater security for our clients. 

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding which has technically been around in America since the 1800’s began to gain traction in 2003 while taking off in 2008/2009 with the launch of Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Since then the crowdfunding atmosphere has ballooned with more than $1.76 Billion raised on Kickstarter alone by 2015. The massive success of reward-based crowdfunding has led to the creation of many crowdfunding industries including Charity, Debt, Equity, and most recently Real Estate. Looking into the future the crowdfunding industry is poised to continue its growth as it continues its move from the fringe to a mainstream source of funding.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts through RealShare will help to exchange money, property, and shares in a conflict-free manner that avoids the need for intermediaries. Like a traditional contract, smart contracts through the RealShare application will define the rules and penalties associated with the agreement, but also automatically enforce the obligations required in the contract. The automatic and open nature of the contract removes the possibility of fraud from either party.


Create Partnership

When an investment project is ready for execution the General Partner inputs the investment details onto the RealShare platform. Legal documents and ownership ledger are created and can be exchanged directly through the system.


Manage Investment

Both general and limited partners can track manage the details of their investment listed on the distributed ledger. Based on the ownership ledger required documents are automatically created and distributed to relevant parties on the RealShare platform.


Finalize Transaction

The transparent ownership ledger created on RealShare makes final payment at the end of investment simple and with complete security. Tracking ownership on a digital distributed ledger simplifies the transfer of ownership units creating easier access to the booming secondary market.


A Decentralized Crowdfunding Marketplace

Using a decentralized application and our specialized cryptocurrency token RealShares is looking to democratize real estate investment allowing the everyday investor to participate in this exceptional investment vehicle. We have found a way to remove all major barriers to emerging market real estate investment, fostering a platform where investors reap the benefits of high returns while limiting the downside potential and providing liquidity in a previously illiquid market.

Real Estate Barriers To Entry



Capital Restrictions

Our Team

  • Dustin Rennie
    Dustin Rennie Co-Founder

    Dustin is a graduate of Bissett School Of Business, with majors in International Business & Marketing. Dustin has been working in digital marketing while working with web/online and mobile development, establishing and growing a number of start-ups.

  • Gabriel Millard Co-Founder

    Since graduating from the John Molson School of Business with a degree in finance and economics, Gabriel has been involved working with startups of all sizes. He has held a wide variety of positions with clients in top private companies such as SpaceX, Uber, and Harry’s.

  • Randy Fennessey
    Randy Fennessey President | Partner Colliers International - Advisor
  • Alex Wylie
    Alex Wylie CEO - ACT Medical Centres - Advisor

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